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We, a group of professionals with a passion for great products that serve a practical purpose

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We offer affordable quality services for your businesses. We deliver innovations that enhance productivity, solutions which are simple by design and deliver value.


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Why We

Almost 70% of IT projects fail to come in on time and on budget.
Traditional IT just isn’t agile enough to keep up with business’s changing needs.

We follow a very lean and agile method for distributed software delivery. We use optimum offshore presence to expedite the project pace and create cost advantage. We use a robust requirements engineering framework called FirstSTEP to create shared understanding and team alignment. FirstSTEP combines software visualization, enterprise architecture, process modeling, detailed documentation and The Decision Model to get the requirements right the first time.

We believe in automating your implementation process and executing via approaches that minimize risk like TDD, continuous re-factoring and integration, automated testing, and evolutionary design.

We follow a process that derives its strength from feedback, retrospectives, and self organization, and we put all our focus on delivering value early and often. Reporting and performance measurement is handled through transparent resource velocity tracking. Project progress is strictly measured against the creation of working software.

Project team composition depends on the scope, schedule, and budget, and projects can be delivered on a fixed bid basis as well as time and material.

We adopt Modern Approch to improve our effiecency and simplyfy the implementation by :

Improve interdepartmental communication

Improve interdepartmental communication by enabling disparate departments to collaborate more easily.

Reduce data and work duplication

Reduce data and work duplication by providing employees the means of updating a single, central database rather than wasting time patching business processes together.

Make more informed business decisions

Make more informed business decisions by giving managers and business owners an enhanced visibility over their business and customers.

Become more customer focused

Become more customer focused by enabling each department to track and record key customer information and by making it available to relevant people throughout your business.

Drive profitability

Drive profitability with more productive employees and more efficient business processes..

At the end WE BELIVE IN SMILE ON FACE for both of us.