Welcome to LEADPRO-CRM Software our Customer Relationship Management Software the world of real-time data

The emerging world is creating a competitive environment. We need to think global, be more creative and leverage on a CRM built on the desktop, web and mobile device. It is time to choose a CRM that reflects your business needs today & for the future.


Our CRM is a ready to use product which manages marketing, calls, visits, proposals, orders, expenses, tasks & activities for customer acquisition engagements.This framework forms the backbone of any business and provides exceptional customer experience.

The product is a desktop/web-based business application. The product provides a single screen to track all activities across all locations. It also gives you added functions such as interaction history, location wise pricing and integrated shopping cart.

It is built on Microsoft SQL database SQL Server 2012, the Microsoft .NET framework and the IIS server. This CRM product is a state-of-the-art application that is available off the shelf or as a service on an e-commerce platform where people will be able to buy, download or subscribe and instantly start using them.

Certain highlights of the products include planning, reminders, assign accounts and tasks, loyalty, multi-level approval, automated emails and integrated document management to address the current and future needs of a growing business.

With this one CRM, organisations do not need to further integrate any other sales tools & applications in the future thus saving cost and increasing efficiency.

Emerge means "Come to Light"- Emerge LEADPRO-CRM to your business activity, we belief that this product will bring you success with true analysis.

LEADPRO-CRM is a desktop / web-based product offering, which integrates leads, prospects, orders, service, budget & engagements across a business.